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Help us decriminalize and destigmatize psychedelics and work towards ending the war on drugs.
Citizens around the country are proving that incredible change can happen when we make our voices heard.
Please join us in our outreach to local lawmakers by signing this petition and writing a personal or professional testimonial. 
Providing accurate and accessible information to our communities will ensure the safe and responsible integration of psychedelics.  
Do you have a workshop, talk, or course you would like to offer? Fill out this form to plan a future event and discussion.  
Community Support
As we work towards community-based healing models we would love your input and support.

Please join us at our open meetings to add your wisdom and expertise.

If you are a practitioner who can offer integration services or help those undergoing challenging experiences please fill out this form to be included on our integration list. 
We are always looking for passionate volunteers to contribute their unique talents. We could also use help with local organizing, social media, and graphic design. Please use this form to join the team.
Our team is working day and night to foster the safe, equitable, and accessible integration of psychedelics in the Hudson Valley. Your donations are greatly appreciated to help us continue this work. 
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