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Group Psychedelic Integration

Join us once a month for our community integration circles. Please check our home page for event dates and details.

Psychedelic Integration is a form of processing that helps individuals who have had transpersonal experiences with psychedelics or non-medicine altered states of consciousness to make sense of those experiences and develop techniques and practices to apply the lessons to their lives.

Psychedelic experiences can be beautiful, healing, challenging, intense, playful, confusing, and many other qualities. Psychedelics can transmit information that might come in confusing symbolic form, or clear instructions. Whatever we receive in ceremony, we return to our daily lives and undertake the difficult work of integrating the lessons and insights to effect lasting change.


Having support in the integration process can be key to transforming our experience to lasting change. That support can be working on an individual basis with a trained therapist or integration guide. However, group processing can be an especially powerful way to offer our wisdom to a group, hold space for the experience of others, and receive feedback and support in a community context.


Group Psychedelic Integration is a collaborative process where participants sit in circle with one another to hear, share, and receive support and feedback about their transpersonal experiences led by an experienced guide. The groups begin with a guided meditation, and may include themes or prompts to structure the discussion. (Please note these groups are considered processing groups and not psychotherapy groups and should not be used as a substitute for psychotherapy with a trained mental health professional.)


These groups welcome and strive to create a safe space for individuals of all backgrounds, levels of experience, gender, ethnic and sexual identities. All voices and experiences are valued and elevated.

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