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 Doug Cullen - Lead Coordinator

Doug Cullen has been fascinated by and engaged with psychedelics for over 20 years. For the past 13 years he's been a resident of High Falls, living at Clove Valley Community Farm. He is the founder of the Wandering Wednesdays community, a sourdough baker, a fermentation enthusiast, and buddhist practitioner. He is eager to help spread the word about the wonderful and healing world of psychedelics across the Hudson Valley and beyond. 


Zach Kalatsky - Co-Coordinator

Transmuting his core wound of not being seen and not feeling a sense of belonging, into his core passion, Zach has set on a path to hold space for those open to explore their inner selves and where their bodies may be holding the past. A space to be seen in all of our parts, a place to belong in all of our joys, love, discomfort, pain, shame, and the full range of the human experience.

Zach is the creator of a Hudson valley based community space named The Forest Haven and has a background in Somatics, Authentic Relating, Breathwork, Meditation, Thai Massage, Yoga, Business, Entrepreneurship, and Community Organizing. 

ig: @feelherenow

Stefanie Frank - Co-coordinator

Founder & Director of ESKFF Nest, Healing Arts refuge and retreat center, Woodstock, NY. Visionary retreat leader, community builder, host and facilitator of spiritually diverse transformational immersive healing art experiences.

Stefanie's board of directors positions include COSM,

Brooklyn Community Healthcare Network, 

ICEC, HUGS & the ESKFF@Mana Contemporary Arts Center.

Stefanie co-produced Permajam, a 5 day festival focusing on Permaculture, live music, prayer, support of indigenous ways & nature education. 

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