Name: Li Wojehowski


Pronouns: They/them

Profession (therapist, social worker, facilitator, etc): Shamanic practitioner/reiki practitioner

Experience with psychedelic integration work:  I am an apprentice in the Vegetalismo tradition of Peru (Shipibo-Conibo and Quechua-Lamista). For two years I helped facilitate ayahuasca retreats, providing support to participants in and outside of ceremony.


Experience with specific populations (religious, cultural, ethnic, etc.):  I am a non-binary white person who centers anti-racism in my work. I have experience working with various ethnic and racial groups, and warmly welcome BIPOC, white folks, and folks in the queer/trans community to reach out to me. 


My integration experience is specific to ayahuasca. That said, anyone who wants support and resonates with me is very welcome to reach out. 


Price - Donation, sliding scale, or inquire for hourly:  I base energy exchanges for my work on the “gift economy” model. I don’t assign a dollar amount for my time, because I consider my experience and training a gift to be shared freely with others. 


Donations are greatly appreciated, and help keep my offerings sustainable. I am happy to provide more details, clarity & transparency around a suggested donation if you are interested in working with me. 


Online or in Person: Negotiable


Individual or Group: Both


Do you have experience helping individuals through difficult/challenging experiences?: Yes

Email or Phone Number: